Season Edit!

Decided to put together a season edit this year of some of the footage i had gathered.

Only had a few days filming but happy on the way it turned out. Thanks Angus Trinder for editing!

Check it out!

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British Championships 2015

So me and the rest of GB Team set off to Tignes, France for the British Championships earlier this year to compete.

Day one was the Rail Jam which runs as a jam format where everyone just rides and the judges will pick who goes into the final.

Everyone was riding really well and putting down big tricks, a few of mine included a 270 on 270 out on the rail and a back rodeo out of the cannon rail.

Me and all my teammates made it threw to the finals and Jamie managed to get third which was sick for him!


Next was slopestyle. The weather had come in really badly so they had to shorten the course to just the top section of rails and the first jump due to speed issues and we were given 2 runs with no finals as it was supposed to get worse as the day went on.

I put down a clean 2nd run and got a good frontside 720 on the jump which got me 1st place along side team mates Matt and Jamie.


Lastly was halfpipe. Typically it was blue skies and sunshine so the comp could run as it should with qualifiers and finals.

Hadn’t been in a halfpipe since the year before so had a few runs to get the legs back into but it didn’t take long for me to find me feet again as i put down two clean qualifying runs and was threw to the finals in 1st place.

Put down the same run i did in qualifiers on my first run and then i had Lewis (GB Team Mate) dropping before me for the 2nd run and he put down a super clean run with a 900 so i went for the same thing and fell and ended up finishing 2nd which i was still pretty pleased about all things considered.

tail grab

That was all from the Brits this year. It was then Back to Austria!

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Zillertal Valley Ralley Final

This season i spent primarily in Mayrhofen with my GB team mate Jamie training in the park.

The Valley Ralley has a number of stops but the Final one is in Mayrhofen, so we decided to compete in it.

The weather on the day wasn’t great and they decided to run it on the medium line rather than the pro’s to accommodate for everyone. Due to the bad weather they decided to give us an hour or so practise and then 2 runs best run counts with no finals.

I didn’t have a very good practise and fell on my first run but then managed to put a run down on the second which was a cab 2 on 2 off  on the first rail into a back 7 to front 7 on the jump line.

This meant i finish 2nd behind Jamie who put down a sick run which entailed a back 2 on 2 off and a cab 7 on the jump. So overall a good day all round :)!Podium 1 Me & Jamie on the podium.

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Trip To U S of A.

Travelled outside of the EU for the first time in December. Went to Breckenridge Colorado with the GB Team. Had an amazing time using all the rad facilities America has to offer.


A few shots taken by Nick Atkins in the Keystone park.

One of these got used in my Whitelines Contender Page which was one of the last mags they actually printed. That looked something like this:

Whitelines Contender

In my time training i put down a Cab Double which i hadn’t done in a while. After my last season i had been cut quite short due to injuries so this time in December was my first time properly back on my board in about a year.

Jamie one of my team mates put together an edit which features me and Lewis. (Also GB members)

Whitelines did a write up on me and a couple of the boys on our travels and included our edit from the trip.

Check it out:


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First little edit of the season, just having a bit of fun on the pistes.
more to come stay tuned!

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GB Freestyle Team, A Busy Season.

Hello Again,

This is a small round up edit of the past season of some of the British Team.
I have a small section in it from the week training in Mayrhofen, tricks include my first cab double and a rodeo 7 which i also learnt whilst i was out there.


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First Double!

So to finish off my season i’ve been out training in Mayrhofen with the British Freestyle Team.

Was an amazing week with everyone killing it, doubles going left right and centre from the likes of Jamie Trinder, Matt McCormick and Katie Ormerod.
The Double which i had my head set on was the cab double 9, one day saw Mr Trinder attempt one and realised the time was now..
First try under rotated, second try got to my feet and sat down and the third i got it!
Super stoked!
Check out the video from that, im the second one to drop.

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